Locked in Lust Vice Chastity Cage Unboxing Video


When Dolly was visiting Mistress Mercer this past week, she received a new, even smaller chastity cage to wear everyday 😈. Watch Mistress Mercer and Dolly unbox and chat about the Locked In Lust Vice Clitty model, and learn more about what receiving your cage will look like!

Unboxing Video

Locktober Event

This year, Mistress Mercer is hosting a Locktober event which will consist of a month long chastity challenge for subs to participate in.

If you’d like to participate, make sure you have the essentials ready!

Chastity Cage:

The Dollhouse recommendation for this year challenge will be to get a Locked In Lust Vice cage.

Use our link above and discount code MISTRESSMERCER for an additional 15% off your entire order.

For additional information about chastity and learning more about it, check out our full locktober 2023 post here.

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