Locktober 2023! Get Your Chastity Ready Now!


It’s almost that time of year again! October 1st officially begins Locktober 2023 and the Dollhouse team wants to make sure you have plenty of time to get what you need to make the most of your chastity experience!

What is Chastity?

Chastity is a form of restraint play where an individual’s privates are placed into a cage or belt to limit the ability to touch or pleasure themselves.

What is Locktober?

Similar to other challenges such as no nut November, some men and women challenge themselves to last a whole month in chastity as a bit of a kinky adventure. This can be done both solo or in a relationship and there’s plenty of different ways to participate. This guide will walk through some of the different options out there, and provide some Dollhouse recommendations!

How do I know what cage to get?

In order to answer this, there are a few different things to consider when investing in a chastity cage

Measure Yourself Properly First

I know when you are shopping around for chastity, especially for male cages, you may want to try to get the smallest cage possible to fulfill your sissy fantasies. However you really need to make sure you get a cage that fits correctly considering this will be for long term wear. Wearing something too small may lead to cutting off circulation or cutting your privates, and wearing something too big defeats the purpose because it allows for room to grow

For men, you’ll need to know your members flaccid size, your erect, as well as the ring size of around your package.

Most sites have a guide available, such as locked in lust’s “how to see yourself for chastity” guide here, so be sure to check that once you decide on what you’re looking for!

Consider Material

There are different types of cages out there, and as you’re shopping, you’ll likely come across silicone cages, plastic resin cages, leather cages, and metal cages.

MetalVery Low

The most common consumer cages out there are metal and plastic, so those are the ones that you will see posted online especially for daily and long-term wear.

Consider Cage Enclosures

There are a number of different cage enclosures for chastity that are available, and each have their own advantages and disadvantages:

Cage TypeAirflowCleanlinessRestriction
Full Tube EnclosureMinimalPoor – Needs Daily CleaningHigh – No Contact
FlatMinimalPoor – Needs Daily CleaningHigh – No Contact
Metal Bar Cage GoodModerate – Easier to cleanMedium – Slight Touch

I would recommend a tube or metal bar cage for first time users as those are the most common and will help you get used to the different types of cages available.

Additional Features

There are also different types of cages available that have unique features, such as :

Anti-Pullout: This is an additional ring that prevents you from potentially slipping or pulling yourself out of the cage. Adds additional security.

Spikes: Some cages and rings have spikes inside to cause pain and discomfort when aroused. This adds an element of pain play and discourages erections over time.

Urethra Tube: Some cages also include an a tube that goes into the urethra for added intensity and to assist with urination while wearing the cage.

Prince Albert (PA) Piercing: Some cages can take advantage of a PA piercing if the wearer has one to thread an additional lock / wire through it to prevent pull out. This is one of the most secure chastity solutions out there.

Chastity Strap: If you’re active and wearing chastity, you may find that it begins to slide down over time which can lead to painful pinching. That is why some prefer to wear a chastity strap like below to keep things snug while wearing them.

Locked in Lust Chastity Strap
Chastity Strap

I would say these are for more advanced play and wouldn’t be recommended for first timers.

Dollhouse Product Recommendations:

The Dollhouse recommends the Vice product line from Locked in Lust, and it is actually the cage that our Dolly has been wearing for the last couple of months for Mistress Mercer!

That is why we have partnered with them this year to provide you with exclusive discounts to get new gear at a discounts!

Visit Locked in Lust from one of the links on our page, and save 15% when you use the code MistressMercer at checkout!

the vice micro
The Vice Micro
vice mini v2
The Vice Mini V2
the vice standard
The Vice Standard
the vice plus
The Vice Plus
The Vice Clitty
The Vice Clitty


Will chastity cause permanent effects such as shrinking?

There’s no permanent effects when wearing chastity, however extended wear may cause temporary shrinkage due to the member restriction. Given time, you will find yourself back to your normal size.

How do I increase my chastity endurance?

You will want to gradually extend the amount of time that you wear chastity for day over day. Don’t try to just dive right in and enter a month of chastity without ever experiencing it before. I’d recommend wearing it for a few hours the first day. Then double that. Then try to last a full day and night….etc. That’s the best chance for success.

Should it hurt?

If something is hurting, or if you notice that your package is discolored or getting cold to the touch, stop wearing it immediately!

The chastity cage should never hurt or cut you, and it shouldn’t be tight to the point of discoloration / cutting off circulation.

A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to fit the tip of your pinky finger underneath the ring. if you can’t, chances are it’s too tight for you.

I want to be locked in permanent chastity! I’m never taking it off!

While this fantasy can be super exciting to some, it’s important to remember hygiene. Cages often require daily cleaning, and depending on your cage style, you may need to take it off from time to time to clean the cage and your member.

Do you offer keyholding services?

If you’re looking for keyholding services, the Dollhouse team (Mistress Mercer and Dolly) can help keep you accountable during your journey! Reach out to them on their fan sites listed on their about pages if you’re interested.

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