How to Participate in Locktober 2023


You’ve seen all the posts about Locktober, and you may be wondering “how can you participate?” This post is here to help!

Step 1 – Follow Me On One Of These Places:

I’ll be posting daily locktober content and messages on My fan sites, so make sure you’re following Me in one of the following places:

Step 2 – Decide on how you want to Serve Me during this event

I’m providing various options to meet you at your current comfort level with chastity, so if you’re a bit hesitant to wearing a cage, or scared about not having immediate access to a key, we can work with that.

Option 1: No Cage – Abstain and Worship Instead

If the cage is just too much of a barrier at the moment, consider building a shrine, or keeping a photo of Me to worship instead. Place a symbolic padlock near the photo to symbolize your commitment to serving Me and follow along the content while abstaining from pleasure.

A shrine could really be added to any one of these approaches!

Option 2: Cage + Plastic Lock

The next level up from no cage, is wearing a cage and keeping it locked with a plastic serialized lock.

This allows Me to still check if you’ve been a good sub and kept your cage on, since the only way to remove it is to cut it off. These are cheap and ineffective, and still allows you to quickly remove the cage in the event of an emergency (or for periodic hygiene cleanses)

plastic locks
Locked in Lust – Plastic Padlocks (Numbered)

Option 3: Cage + Padlock

If you’re feeling up to wearing a cage, and want to be locked up. you will have a few different ways to participate while being in a keyed padlock

Place the Key in a Sealed Envelope

If you want to be locked up with an actual padlock, but still keep the key within arms reach in the event that you need it, you can put the key in the envelope, sign over the seal, and then we can periodically check it for authenticity. You’d be surprised how hard it is to mirror handwriting exactly, and I have a very good eye at spotting the differences…

Place the key in a glass of water and freeze it

The next step up is putting your key in a glass of water (plastic cup), writing My name on the outside of the cup, and then putting it in the freezer. Soon the key will be encased in ice and you now have added a 5-10 minute barrier into getting access to your key while you’re super aroused and frustrated.

Digital Keyholding

One of My favorite ways to participate in long-distance chastity play is to use a safe with an electronic combination, and combine that with an app like This allows Me to setup a lock pin with a fixed time duration that you can’t override, and only I can release the code to you.

The way this app works is that I would send you a link to a virtual lock, it gives you a 4-8 digit pin code to program into your safe. You don’t write down the code after assigning it, and then the app makes you listen to 30-60 seconds of random number combinations to forget the combination. It’s pretty effective, especially at 8 characters!

My preferred safe at the moment is by Honeywell, and it has a digital lock that accepts up to 8 characters.

Honeywell Safe with Digital Lock
Honeywell Steel Safe with Digital Lock

Physical Keyholding

If you’ve proven that you’re capable of long-term chastity and would like Me to physically hold your key, we can discuss rates over messaging. Minimum 2 week lockup for physical keyholding since there’s logistics involved, and it is more time consuming on My end.

Step 3: Participate in Tasks and Assignments!

If you’ve followed Me on one of the sites listed in Step 1 , and have decided on which approach you’d like to take for the chastity play, then all that is left is to be engage in the tasks and content that I’ll be sending out!

Expect a variety of teasing, edging, audio tasks, video series, and other goodies that will be delivered right to your inbox!

Trust Me, you definitely don’t want to miss out, so make sure you get ready now!

Mistress Mercer and Dolly - Chastity Tease and Denial Scene Teaser

Still Need a Cage?

If you’re still needing to buy a chastity cage, we’ve partnered with Locked in Lust this year and are offering you with an exclusive 15% off discounts on cages and products!

Visit Locked in Lust from one of the links on our page, and save 15% when you use the code MistressMercer at checkout!

The Vice Clitty
The Vice Clitty
the vice micro
The Vice Micro
vice mini v2
The Vice Mini V2
the vice standard
The Vice Standard
the vice plus
The Vice Plus

Additional Accessories:

Consider getting a chastity strap to help keep your cage nice and secure, and prevent it from slipping down during everyday wear.

Locked in Lust Chastity Strap
Chastity Strap

Have additional questions on chastity?

If you still have additional questions on chastity and want to learn more about it, check out our other blog post about locktober which goes into depth about some frequently asked questions, cage materials, chastity options, and more!

Can’t wait to play with you real soon!

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