How I Transitioned and Became Mistress Mercer’s Doll


A lot of people have been asking how they can be like Dolly, or how they can become Mistress Mercer’s doll as well. So I decided to type up a little guide that showed how I got to where I am today.

Maybe it’ll help encourage a few of you to take the next step, or understand the steps that are needed to get to where I am!

Dolly’s backstory

Growing up I had always been excited about the thought of being dressed in feminine clothes and treated as a girl. Unfortunately coming from a rural and more closed-minded area, I didn’t get too many opportunity to explore this. But there were a few instances where i did, such as my girlfriend painting my nails and having me wear her girlie hoodies, or teasing me with makeup that made me ecstatic. As i chased those feelings i eventually found my way to feminization erotica and feminization games online, which ultimately introduced me to the world of bdsm and kink.

however as much as I enjoyed reading about it and fantasizing about, and exploring it casually on my own, I eventually got the point where I really wanted explore this for real.

Dipping my toes into the pond

After moving out from my parents house and attending college, I started chatting with a few therapists and dominatrixes to explore these feelings, and looked into all perspectives of gender and sexuality and kink. From feminine guy, to crossdresser, to part time kinkster, to all the way transitioning.

I ultimately reached the decision that I wanted to transition, and learned that I wanted to be female full time while also having kinks around feminization. I can write a full blog post on that exploration process and how i got to that point, but there’s a lot of history there to unravel. let me know in the comments if you want to read about that 🙂

Beginning to Transition

After reaching that conclusion, I began working with therapists on getting a letter of recommendation for HRT. I believe there is less of a barrier now than there were then, but I had to see my therapist for about 6 months before they were comfortable with it. From there, I had to see an endocrinologist to get blood work done to check my testosterone and estrogen levels, and began hormone replacement therapy.

It’s important to realize that after transitioning, things take time to really change, and I never recommend taking hormones without working with a medical professional.

This is the chart that I usually use to reference how long it takes for hormones to influence the body, and that is really on a full hormone dosage. most endocrinologists will slowly ramp up the HRT dosages in order to make sure your body is handling them well, and to get the levels to where they need to be.

MTF HRT Timeline

So even though you’re taking hormones, it will take months before noticeable and significant changes appear.

Beginning Feminization

While I waited for hormones to do their thing, I was also doing feminization tasks with other mistresses and dominatrixes to slowly make myself more and more feminine, and exploring the kink scene a bit. Coming from a rural area, i was drawn to online servitude and started out doing basic feminization tasks such as:

  • removing body hair
  • growing hair out
  • painting nails
  • slowly replacing wardrobe with feminine clothes
  • chastity
  • and other basic feminization tasks

Once I completed those, I sought out in person sessions with pro dommes and had a couple of sessions with them to explore kinks in person. It’s a totally different experience in person and made me realize that an in-person dynamic was what I ultimately wanted.

Over time, I also pursued more permanent changes such as breast implants and laser hair removal which I’ll probably cover in separate posts as well.

Meeting Mistress Mercer

Eventually my path crossed with Mistress Mercer and for the first time I felt like someone truly connected with a lot of my kinks and had similar passions as me.

We had been chatting online for several months before meeting and eventually i had the opportunity to serve Her in person.

I think it’s important to realize that things don’t happen or develop overnight, and it takes time. It also takes time to understand one another’s kinks and limits, and to figure out if there’s mutual interest in the D/s dynamic.

here is what i did during those initial months getting to know her that help make a good impression:

  • Support Her lifestyle with gifts and tributes within your means
  • Be respectful of Her time and realize that She isn’t just there to cater to your needs 24/7. You should be focusing on making Her life better.
  • Complete tasks and assignments if given.
  • Be reliable and consistent
  • Be a good communicator

Little fun fact that I started out messaging Her on one of Her sites, and if it can happen to me, it can happen to you 🙂

Context about Mistress Mercer’s and Dolly’s Dynamic

While were getting to know one another, I had expressed interest in more “forced feminization” and was okay with consensual non-consent (CNC) meaning that I wanted Mistress Mercer to feminize me to Her liking.

Our dynamic has since had a lot of encouraging feminization where She has helped push me further into some of my other kinks such as:

  • being a cam model / model in the adult industry
  • pursuing bimbofication and becoming more slutty
  • Dollification where i like to be viewed as Mistress’ personal dress up doll and toy.
  • Anal Training and Oral Training (*wink wink*)
  • Slutty Predicament Bondage

Our First In Person Dynamic

During our first actual in person dynamic I made sure to be as supportive and respectful as I could be. I made sure to respect Her and Her wife’s personal space as i was just a guest. I went out and bought them starbucks and breakfast each morning for them. and during the event we attended together, I made sure to buy them drinks and serve them to the best of my ability.

Mistress Mercer and Dolly's first event

Continuing the Journey

Since the first meeting we have gone on to film several clips together, travel together, and I even recently moved across the country to be closer to Her so that i could better serve Her.

I also assist with a lot of secretarial tasks too such as website hosting, content editing, and other tasks and errands as i’m able to. pretty impressive for a dumb bimbo if you ask me hehe.

Some of my recent scenes, servitude, and transformations with Mistress Mercer have included:

  • Being a bottom in several of Her clips and videos
  • Being a sissy maid and cleaning up a house for one of Her fellow Mistress’
  • Serving Her on a cruise in the Caribbean
  • Getting a piercing to symbolize my ownership
  • Dying my hair blonde
  • Corset Training and Forced Exercise / Dieting
  • and other spicey things that I’m not able to share yet 🙂

If there’s more you would like to learn more about, please feel free to reach out or toss a comment on this page.

Happy serving xoxo

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