Essential Sex Toys

Whether you’re looking to expand your current collection, or start a new collection from scratch, here are the essential sex toys that Mistress Mercer recommends Her subs get for play and training.

All of these products have been used and tested by members of Mercer’s dollhouse, and you can feel confident that you’re receiving high quality toys to elevate your play experiences.

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Anal Training


Vixen Creations Vixskin Mustang Silicone Dildo

skill level: beginner

This is my favorite beginner dildo, and the one I use in a lot of my pegging videos because it’s high quality and feels amazing even once you’re further into your training

It’s a bit of an investment, but in my opinion, it’s worth it to have something that’s safe and will last forever.


skill level: beginner

If you want a little cheaper of a dildo but that still is good quality and has a suction cup for easier solo play, you can’t go wrong with this one:

It’s a little larger and less forgiving than the Vixen, but it’s still a fine beginner size and will last a long time 😄


skill level: Intermediate

When you’re ready to begin going deeper, and training to take large, long toys or for fists, then you’ll want a tapered toy like this that gradually opens you up. The large size is a perfect purchase because you’ll be working on it for a while to get to that final destination, and it will be something you can come back to often in your training:

Tantus Cone Large Silicone Stretching Dildo

skill level: advanced

Once you feel like you’ve mastered the other toys, this will be your best friend in preparing your holes for My bigger toys! 😈

Butt Plugs

Lovense Hush 2 – 1.5″ Diameter Lovense App Controlled Anal Plug

skill level: beginner

This buttplug is a really fun one because it’s app-controlled 😉

So when we want to play together, I can log into the app and control how it vibrates. It’s also made of high quality materials and is a great plug even without the vibe features. And it’s currently on sale!!

Lovense Edge 2 Powerful P-Spot Vibrator with Lovense App Control

skill level: beginner

This buttplug is another solid choice! same fun as the hush 2 but in a slightly different shape.

You may just have to try out both to see which one you like the best 😉

Hygiene / Cleansing / Lube

Prior to any anal training and play, it’s recommended to clean out to prevent a messy scene.

Purchase an enema kit and/or douche such as the ones below to accompany your toys.

Good Clean Love Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant

I recommend water-based lubricants so that they are compatible with all possible toy configurations.

Oral Training

Ball Gags

Heartwoods Furniture – Premium Silicone Ballgag Ball & Strap

Now, for training your other hole… 😉

I actually make my own ballgags, so you can have your own custom piece from me to begin your training with. They come with a lockable strap, so if you want to do remote bondage play where I control how long you’re locked up for, we can start playing around with that, too (just remember to get the matching strap once you figure out your size).

Chastity Training

We have an in depth that covers all things about chastity here, however to summarize it, here are some choices to help get you started on your chastity journey!

The Dollhouse recommends the Vice product line from Locked in Lust, and it is actually the cage that our Dolly has been wearing for the last few months for Mistress Mercer!

Visit Locked in Lust from one of the links on our page, and save 15% when you use the code MistressMercer at checkout!

All cages come with 4 standard rings and spacers – custom ring sizes available for sale at Locked in lust as well if needed.
How to Measure Yourself for Chastity

Chastity Cages


FemmeFunn Ultra Wand Waterproof Silicone Massager

Once you’re in chastity for Me, you’re going to want one of these for training to cum like a girl and hitting your gspot when you’re locked up 😉

Chastity Accessories

Locked in Lust – Plastic Padlocks (Numbered)

Want more accountability while still holding onto your keys? Use these plastic padlocks so that I can tell you haven’t cheated, while still keeping yourself accessible in case of emergencies.

Locked in Lust – Chastity Straps

Increase the comfort of your chastity experience with a chastity strap! these are great for helping keep them snug which prevents slippage, pinching, and also helps curb those pesky erections by making sure your cage is nice and snug!

Honeywell Steel Security Safe with Digital Lock

This is really useful for remote keyholding where you don’t want to have immediate access to your keys. I can keep them locked away nice and secure for you…. 😈


This is perfect to keep your vibrators and plugs and other toys locked away when I don’t give you permission to pleasure yourself 😈

Feminization Training

Clothing & Shapewear

Transform See-Thru Bra (Black)

Are you curious about how you will look once you finally grow tits of your own?

Get one of these bras along with the breast inserts to elevate your transformation game 😘

Transform Full Triangle Standard Breast Forms

Get these to compliment the Transform See-Thru Bra!

You’ll be sure to look more feminine in all of your outfits!