5 submissive tips on how to serve a Professional Domme


Hi there! My name is Dolly, a submissive of Mistress Mercer, and I have been seeing a lot of subs attempt to reach out to a Dominant, Mistress, Goddess, Master with the wrong approach lately. I recommend following these submissive tips to avoid leaving a bad impression, and ultimately find yourself in more meaningful D/s dynamics and relationship. 💗

Mistress Mercer and Dolly - Submission

Tip #1 – Be Selfless

Too many subs approach a Domme wanting, or demanding things from them. Often for their own pleasure or enjoyment. What you may not realize is that they likely have hundreds of people reaching out asking for handouts, and to stand out from the crowd, shift your focus to “how can i make Their lives better”.

This selfless approach will definitely leave a better impression, and will help you stand out from the crowd as a good sub.

There are plenty of ways to make their lives better. Financial contributions are an easy option and help support their lifestyle, but there’s also free options like subscribing/following Their pages, engaging with their content, and responding to their calls to actions. All of those things are definitely noticed and appreciated.

Tip #2 – Be Consistent

As I alluded to before, Dommes are often super busy and there are a lot of people looking for quick thrills. If you’re wanting something more or want to serve a Domme on a deeper basis, you want to make sure that you’re someone that doesn’t disappear or ghost. (a common theme amongst subs)

Dommes want to invest their time in people who are here for the long haul, so you want to make sure your consistent in your servitude.

Tip #3 – Complete your tasks

If a Dominant takes the the time to make a task for you, make sure you actually complete it. I’ve heard a number of stories where a Dom would assign a sub a training task, and they would ghost, only to return weeks, sometimes months later and plead to restart their training.

The funny thing is that they still didn’t complete their task from before, so why would your Dom take the time to create a new task for you.

You want to give the impression that you’re serious about the training / tasks, so that the Dom knows their time won’t be wasted.

Tip #4 – Know your Role

It might seem kind of obvious, but subs shouldn’t be the ones demanding things from their Dominant. Sure we all want pleasure, and we all want to have our desires fulfilled, but that should be something that the Dominant decides on.

Topping from the bottom is a phrase that is referred to quite a bit, which is an annoying tendency where the submissive tries to tell the Dominant what to do. Sometimes this happens unintentionally, but you want to be mindful of this tendency and You should let the Dominant control the scene.

However, don’t stop communicating either. Continue to express your thoughts and be open in terms of limits and how you’re feeling about how things are going. Communication is key in a D/s dynamic.

Tip #5 – Be Patient

This is probably the most important tip of them all. Be patient with your Dominant and respect that they have other commitments and a life outside kink.

I know we all want immediate gratification for our efforts, and you may want things to progress faster than they are, but you need to be patient and trust the process.

If you’ve shown that you are trustworthy, respectful, selfless, and worthy of their time, things will naturally progress and you’ll find things gravitating in the direction you are hoping for.

Bonus Submissive Tips:

Looking for more tips on good submissive behavior?

Here are a few additional points that I think are important to consider 💗

  • Don’t expect a Domme to train you for free – Their time and expertise is valuable, and like most individuals, they aren’t handing out
  • You’ll need to invest in you’re own training. If you need gear, clothes, toys, and other accessories, you’ll need to purchase those. Don’t expect a Dom to do that, and if They do give you something, consider that as a Reward/Gift. Same with travel / meetups.

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